Our Fee Structure

We have a slab wise pricing structure for our advisory engagements, which is easy and simple to understand. The fees are dependent on the time required in handling client queries and/or the personal wealth of a client.


One Time Advise:

a) Hourly basis- Rs 3,500 per hour and in multiples thereof.

b) Project based -between Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 per assignment for 30 days.

Annual Advisory Engagement fees per annum: 

Asset Under Advice (AUA) upto 1.0crores: Rs 30,000/-

Asset Under Advice betweenRs1.0crores and Rs 2.0 crores: Rs 60,000/-

Asset Under Advice between Rs 2.0 crores and Rs 3.0 crores: Rs 90,000/-

Asset Under Advice between Rs 3.0 crores and Rs 4.0 crores: Rs 1,20,000/-

Asset Under Advice above Rs 4.0 crores -0.3% of the Assets Under Advice.

Annual Implementation Support: 

This is complimentary for client opting for Annual Advisory Engagement. For others the annual fees are Rs 10,000/- p.a.

One time set up fees: 

New clients opting for Annual Advisory Engagement or clients joining back after a break will have to pay one time set-up fees of Rs. 10,000/-.

Investment in Listed Securities:

Clients having AUA up to Rs 1 crores and wanting to invest/advise in Listed securities like stocks, ETFs, bonds and REIT’s/InvITs etc will have to pay additional Rs 10,000 p.a. Other categories would be excluded from the same.


  1. Clients who have a smaller net worth/AUA and want to engage with us would be better advised to take our one time advise option. We might however onboard some of them selectively for our annual engagements only at our discretion.
  2. Government Levies: GST charges would be over and above the quoted fees/ instalment dues whenever the same becomes applicable to us. We are in a composite GST scheme right now and hence the fees include all levies. This can change on a future date and the same would be applicable at the time of billing/collection.
  3. Assets Under Advice (AUA) include only financial assets like Mutual Funds, Listed securities like stocks, ETFs, Bonds, debentures, REIT’s/InvITs, Gold holdings in financial form (SGB), PMS, AIF’s and structured Real Estate. One can safely exclude banking products, Postal savings Scheme, Senior Citizen Savings Schemes, PPF, Employer benefits including NPS and ESOPs, Traditional & Market Linked (ULIPs)Insurance, Pension/Annuity Plans, Jewelry and Real Estate holdings. Also, client managed some direct stock and mutual fund portfolio could be excluded if the client does not want restructuring/review on the same. Mutual Funds in Regular Option would also not be counted for AUA. Valuation of AUA would be done in the beginning of the engagement term and every year.
  4. Clients opting for annual option and their wealth moving to another higher fee slab during their engagement term would have their fees increased gradually @ 10,000/- p.a for the next term.
  5. Annual fees for category upto Rs 60,000 p.a. are to be paid in 2 equal instalments. Higher category fees can be paid in 3 to 4 equal instalments, if need be. Other fees are to be paid upfront.
  6. Our fees for the kind of unbiased expertise given are the most economical in the industry. Hence, we would not be open for any sort of negotiation on the same. Clients whose fees are at Rs 60,000 and above and who would like to have lower level of engagement (implementation and reporting support, one comprehensive review during the year and no regular advisory interaction) can opt for Lite Engagement with us. The fees for the same would be Rs 30,000 p.a. They can always take extra one-time engagements by paying the prescribed fees.
  7. The fees are quoted per client family. Family constitutes of an individual, spouse and dependent children.

    The above are our thoughts to make the fee charging exercise transparent for existing and prospective clients. These could be changed on a future date on prospective basis with due communication. It could be noted that fees are our only remuneration and hence there is no conflict of interest in our advisory engagements. To know more about the service deliverables, please refer our note on List of Options to Engage with us.

    We believe that you would have got a better idea about our fee calculation methodology. In case, you are still not able to choose the most appropriate option or have any further queries then feel free to contact us at 9845557582/ 9740457582 or assistant@naveenrego.com.


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