Engagement options

Clients can engage with us at different levels based on their needs and affordability. The following notes would give you a better perspective in choosing the best option in engaging with us.

One Time Advisory Engagement:

Many individuals/ families would not like to opt for annual engagements with a professional Financial Planner for various valid reasons, including the perception of high fees. Also, there would be clients who love to manage their Personal Finances themselves (or through other advisory engagements) but would like to re-validate if the current strategy being followed to reach one’s financial goals, is right or not. Hence, under our One-Time advisory Engagements, clients can engage with us for specific assignments/ projects and benefit from our expertise. The following would be the key features:

  1. The billing will be for a particular assignment basis. Post the completion of an assignment, future queries would be billed separately.
  2. Clients can get queries resolved around a financial plan, retirement plan, financial /insurance products, taxation or a particular strategy.
  3. The billing would be based on the time/ expertise required to complete the assignment.
  4. Clients can engage with us from one hour to maximum 30 days.
  5. Clients looking at hourly engagement would not be given documented advice. All queries and advice would be answered during the interactions itself.
  6. Clients looking at project-based engagement would be given a documented advice and can come back and forth up to 30 days.
  7. No implementation support would be given. However, introduction to low-cost platforms/ products would be done. 
  8. Clients have an option to transition from this one-time engagement model to our Annual Advisory Engagement model, if need be, based on the quotes then. This can also give an idea of our process-based approach to our prospective client before choosing our annual option. Clients who transition within 10 days can net off the fees already paid with the annual advisory engagement fees.

It could be noted that we would not be getting in touch with our One-Time Advisory Engagement clients for portfolio rebalancing, market timing opportunities and any important communications.

Annual Advisory Comprehensive Engagement:

If one is looking at regular handholding and reviews besides implementation support, then this plan is for you. The following would be the key features:

  1. Giving expert opinion on your entire personal finances along with regular access to our advisory desk throughout the year.
  2. One to Four comprehensive reviews (based on the portfolio size and fees) in a year on your entire personal finances covering your financial goals and financial portfolio. The above reviews might be internal or/and external with due communication to the client.
  3. Interaction with the advisory desk any time, for resolving any financial query.
  4. Regular communication on investment opportunities and rebalancing strategies.
  5. Market timing support in case of large volatility in financial markets (based on the portfolio size and fees).
  6. Tax filing support including advance tax notifications and reconciliation of tax statements would be covered. Any fees for filing IT returns or any tax guidance beyond the financial portfolio would have to be borne by the client.
  7. Implementation support will be complementary under this plan.

Implementation Support:

  1. Providing online portfolio reporting & execution tool, to give access to your entire portfolio and your personal finances. This will come handy so that all your financial data is in one place.
  2. We would implement some part of the financial transactions (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, REIT’s, bonds etc.) in coordination with various entities, if required by you.
  3. We would execute/suggest the above transactions in direct options/ low-cost options to reduce the implications of costs. No revenue would occur to us while executing these transactions.
  4. Regular reconciliation of your portfolio if the execution were carried out from our execution desk.
  5. Capital gains statement for filing IT Returns at the end of the financial year and/or to pay advance tax, if any.
  6. It would be beneficial for the client to implement the financial transactions through our implementation support for the ease and convenience.

    Important Note:

    1. A quote will be given before the start of engagement on the above options. All fees need to be paid based on the schedules specified.
    2. Fees are the only remuneration for these Engagements and hence, there would be no conflict of interest.
    3. Data shared during the interactions would be completely confidential and used for professional purposes only.
    4. All interactions would happen through in-person or electronic medium i.e., emails, phone calls, Skype, WhatsApp, BOTIM, Zoom etc.,
    5. Annual advisory engagement clients who do not renew the advisory engagement can check out annual advisory Lite engagement option, if applicable.
    6. We would be responsible for the advice and recommendations given only during the currency of the advisory engagements. Many of the advice given might be time bound in nature.
    7. Our Engagement Options  and our Fee Structure can change on a future date with due communication to existing clients. Any such changes would always be on a prospective basis.
    8. All regulatory documentation and compliance as per SEBI Investment Adviser guidelines have to be completed before engaging with us.


    1. Investment in the Securities Market is subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.
    2. Registration granted by SEBI,  membership of BASL and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.

    We believe that you would have got a better idea about our engagement options. In case, you are still not able to choose the most appropriate option or have any further queries then feel free to contact us at 9845557582/ 9740457582 or assistant@naveenrego.com.

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