07 Aug

Investment Ideas- August 2019

1. Equity markets are going through severe market volatility and within that, especially mid and small sized companies had a very large fall. This would have affected all the investors who would have invested in the last 1-2 years and also older investors in their incremental portfolios.
2. Clients whose equity allocations have still not reached their target allocations based on their risk profile or those who are funding their long term goals should continue to invest in equity instruments in spite of the short term volatility. Regular investing (in a portfolio of equity stocks or equity mutual funds) would be a good way to benefit from such opportunities. It would be injurious to one’s financial wealth if one does something contrary to this.
3. It would be important for investors to focus on things which are controllable than those which are not in their control. Hence, a focus on Asset Allocation, diversification, regular investing, tax efficient investments, discipline and patience would be very important.
4. Investors could also look at low cost products like ETFs, Index funds, Direct funds and Direct Equity, to reduce the overall cost of the portfolio.
5. Have a fixed income allocation to give stability, liquidity and stable returns to your overall portfolio. This would come very handy during volatile times like these. Debt mutual funds would be an ideal option considering their tax efficiency not withstanding their volatility in the last 1 year.
6. Interest rates would move down gradually and it would be good for investors (including NRIs) to lock-in long term interest rates in their Fixed Deposits.
7. Be tax compliant and file your returns on time. This would help one to carry forward any losses.
8. Investors could also have diversification in International stocks through International Equity Mutual funds.
9. Investors with short term horizon could invest in liquid funds (up to 3 months), Ultra Short Term Funds (up to 3-6 months) and in Arbitrage funds (between 6 months to 1 year) to get better returns compared to the banking products.
10. Avoid complicated products especially tradition insurance plans, Unit linked insurance plans and structured products. This would be more costly and non transparent.
11. Over long periods of time, financial product selection and market timing would not be the critical factor in your overall portfolio return. On the contrary, a strategy focused on process, discipline, financial goals, time horizon, patience, asset allocation and diversification could be the key factors to earn better risk adjusted returns. Do not confuse luck with skill.
12. Always have an emergency and protection portfolio. This would comprise of emergency fund (to take care of mandatory expenses of 6 to 12 months), medical insurance, disability insurance and term insurance. Kindly note emergencies do not come with any prior intimation but will have a large affect on your entire personal finances.
13. Talk to your Financial Planner (who is experienced, qualified and registered), in case of any doubt. Financial Planners will not assure you any returns but, give you clarity on your Long Term financial journey.

1. Market linked investments like Mutual Funds and Equity share investments are subject to market risks. Kindly read the scheme information documents carefully before investing.
2. All other investments too have different levels of risk like credit risk, regulatory risk etc. Appreciate this before initiating any investments.
3. Past performance of any asset class is not an indicator of future performance.
4. It is very important to consult a Professional Planner/Investment Adviser while implementing any of the above ideas.
5. The above are mere suggestions and not Investment Advice as individual cases might differ.

In case, you would like professional financial guidance, than feel free to connect to me at 9845557582 or naveen@naveenrego.com.

Naveen Julian Rego-CFP
SEBI Registered Investment Adviser

01st August, 2019

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